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Library Code of Conduct

Donation Policies

Often the library staff is asked about donating books and materials to the library.  We appreciate when people ask because we do not accept textbooks, VHS tapes, Encyclopedias, and books that are older than 5 years old. Are we being finicky?  No, we have found that our patrons won’t purchase old books, text books, and encyclopedias.

If you own video games that are sitting and collecting dust, we would appreciate them! We have just started a video game library for the youth at FCPL.

Thanks for remembering us and donating your well loved books!

Customer Code of Conduct

Customer conduct must at all times be conducive to the comfort and safety of Library users and staff and the protection of Library property.  The following are examples of conduct not allowed on the Library premises. These provisions are examples only.  Customers engaging in conduct adversely affecting the comfort and safety of Library users and staff and library property may be subject to Enforcement whether the conduct is included in these examples or not.  The term “Library premises” includes the facility and grounds controlled and operated by the Library.

  1. Loud or disruptive conversation that inhibits the use of the Library by others is prohibited. Talking on cellular phones is discouraged.  Cell phones and pagers should be set to vibrate or turned off before entering the Library.
  2. Audio equipment must be used with earphones that make the sound inaudible to others. If sound is heard despite the use of earphones, the user must reduce the volume or turn the equipment off.
  3. Disorderly, disruptive or inappropriate conduct, use of abusive, obscene, or profane language, and sexual or lewd misconduct are prohibited on Library premises. Verbally or physically threatening or harassing Library users or staff (including following them around the building or prolonged staring) is prohibited. The free movement of persons into or out of the Library may not be impeded.
  4. No Library property or materials may be stolen, destroyed, damaged or defaced. No material may be removed from the Library without being checked out appropriately. Library furniture, fixtures, equipment or decoration may not be moved from its proper place without permission. Behavior that may damage or alter the Library’s computer equipment, software or data is prohibited.
  5. Shirts and footwear (other than cleats) must be worn at all times in the Library.
  6. Use of the restrooms for bathing, shampooing or doing laundry is prohibited.
  7. Smoking in the Library or in the area immediately adjacent to any entrance or the use of smokeless tobacco in the Library is prohibited.
  8. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on Library premises except for Library authorized events or functions are prohibited as is the use of illegal drugs on Library premises.
  9. Distribution and posting of printed materials in the Library must be in accordance with Library policy. (Such materials must be submitted to Library Administration.) Panhandling, solicitations for charitable, religious or other purposes, and selling tickets or merchandise of any kind are prohibited in public areas of the Library, except for Library book sales and other fundraising events conducted by other Library organizations. Obtaining signatures on petitions and surveying Library users are restricted to the Library lobby and exterior of the building.
  10. Animals are not permitted in the Library, except for service animals assisting people with disabilities, animals used by law enforcement agencies, or animals used in Library programming. Animals may not be left unattended outside the Library.
  11. The recreational use of bicycles, rollerblades, skates, skateboards and wheeled footwear is prohibited on Library premises.
  12. Briefcases, handbags, backpacks and other packages are subject to security inspection.
  13. Damaging or stealing property of a Library user or staff member is prohibited.
  14. Entering non-public areas of the Library is prohibited, except if accompanied by a Library staff member or with proper permission.
  15. Possession of a weapon (as defined by law) within the Library premises by anyone other than a law enforcement officer is prohibited.
  16. Photography or videotaping of the Library and its collections, exhibits, staff and users is permitted only with the prior approval of the Library Executive Director or designated representative.
  17. Remaining in the Library after closing, or when requested to leave during emergency situations or drills is prohibited.
  18. Any activity within the Library premises that violates federal, state, local or other applicable law, ordinance or regulation is prohibited.


  1. This Code of Conduct will be enforced in a fair and reasonable manner.  Anyone who observes violations of this policy may report them to a Franklin County Staff person, who will take the appropriate action.
  2. Anyone not complying with this Code of Conduct or any reasonable request of the staff, will ordinarily first be warned by an authorized representative of the Library and will be advised of the next course of action to be taken by the Library if the unacceptable behavior continues.
  3. Library staff on duty is authorized to ask persons who continue to violate these rules after being warned to leave the Library premises immediately.
  4. Anyone may, without prior notice or warning, be removed from the premises if his or her presence or conduct is threatening, willfully malicious or poses an immediate and imminent danger to any person or property.
  5. Violators of this Code of Conduct are subject to suspension or restriction of their Library privileges and/or eviction from all Library premises for a period from one day to one year.
  6. Following review of the circumstances of the violation, the Library’s Director or designee will issue a written notice to the customer informing the customer of the duration of any suspension, restriction, and/or eviction that is imposed.  The determination relating to suspension, restriction, and/or eviction will depend on the nature of the offense, the extent of damage or disruption caused any history of prior infractions of the Library’s Code of Conduct and other relevant circumstances.
  7. Persons committing criminal acts on Library premises, or using Library resources in violation of the law, including acts of theft or vandalism, will be subject to arrest and prosecution.