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Southern Growing Pains and Holiday Traditions, Published November 5, 2014 

Remember these traditions?  Tinsel on a real Christmas tree? 

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Maybe you made homemade gingerbread houses?

Why not join the “Southern Growing Pains” senior youngsters, to chat about childhood traditions when you were growing up!

This group meets monthly at the Carrabelle Branch and have had a great time! Next meeting will be Tuesday, November 25th at 2:00 – 3:30.  Of course this is a FREE event and we will enjoy some light refreshments too! Come join us!

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Halloween Story Time, Published October 16, 2014 

What spooky kind of fun can you have at the library?  You will have to come and see for yourself, because it will be a blast of fun for children who love the “Mommy & Me Story Time” on Fridays.  The special story time will be on Friday, October 24th at 3:30 pm at the Eastpoint Branch. Come in costume if you would like, even the parents can come in a special outfit, because we are never too old for Halloween.   Ms. Maureen has special Halloween books and activities planned for that day too!.  We look forward to seeing you.

Author coming to FCPL in Carrabelle, Published August 29, 2014 

Author of “Dreamland Diaries”  Bruce Ballister of Tallahassee, will be presenting his book and talking to interested patrons.  This will be part of our Book Social at the Carrabelle Branch on Thursday, September 11th at 5:30 pm.  All the public is invited to this free event,which should be an interesting session.  He will also be available to sign copies of his book.  Light refreshments will be served.


The Vault Program for Tweens at FCPL, Published August 29, 2014 

Are you a tween?  A tween is a youth in the group of 8 – 12, who are “between” childhood and teenage years! Franklin County Public Library has a program intended just for you!  Tonia Chisholm coordinates this library program at both branches:

Wednesdays, at the Eastpoint Branch at 3:30 pm and on Thursdays at 3:30 pm at the Carrabelle Branch. 

This program is geared toward tween interests, including book discussion focused on literature that has become popular with today’s tweens to movies, gaming, passive programs, photo shoots, special events, competitions, social inter-action and make-it-yourself crafts that are customized to their liking.

We are looking for more tweens to come and check out this fun program.  Why not come and see what it’s all about?

Are you afraid of a computer mouse?, Published August 27, 2014 
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So you are not comfortable on the computer? Haven’t mastered the mouse?  Look no further than your local branch of the library! We have a computer teacher who will work with you one-on-one.  Carly Peary from the Wilderness Coast Libraries, makes monthly visits to each branch of Franklin County Public Library.  We will schedule you for a time that is convenient for a half-hour block of her time at no cost to you! The beauty of this is that you can practice what you learn on our public access computers during library hours.  If you have an kindle or laptop, and just haven’t figured out how to do specific tasks, bring it with you and Carly may be able to assist you.

We have heard that some patrons are challenged with Windows 8, and have purchased books that will be available for checkout.  “Windows 8 for Dummies” and “Windows 8 for Senior Dummies” might be a tool that you could bring home to work with.  Carly has also agreed to email patrons who have questions.  We would like to offer classes for specific programs in the future.  If you are a more advanced computer user and would like to suggest a topic for a class, please call or mention this to Carly or to the library staff.  We are always available to assist patrons who have computer questions here at the library.

The next dates she will be teaching are as follows:  September 18th, 2014 Carrabelle Branch & September 25, 2014 Eastpoint Branch

                                                                           Classes start at 10:00 am! Why not sign up today?

Yoga and Yin Yoga at FCPL, Published August 24, 2014 

The library is not just about books, audio-books, computer classes, and public services, it offers something for a healthy body.  The Carrabelle Branch offered Yoga, when a grant-funded program Family Reading on Grant (FROG) sponsored yoga classes.  This series became so popular that even after the grant ended, the participants wanted to continue…and they have! Now that we have a bigger branch in Eastpoint, it is offered also.

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The Eastpoint Branch has a weekly group of Yin Yoga, led by Denise Williams on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 pm.  You must provide your own mat.

The Carrabelle Branch has groups that meet Mondays at 5:00-6:30pm, Wednesdays at 4:00-5:30 pm, and Fridays at 4:00-5:30 pm.  Beginning September 8, 2014, Kathy Jensen will be leading the group on Mondays and Fridays. Please bring your own mat.


Bite for a Book!, Published August 22, 2014 

Franklin County Public Library is excited about the partnership with Franklin County Schools, Apalachicola Bay Charter School, First Baptist School of Apalachicola, Apalachicola Municipal Library, and of course the Friends of the Franklin County Public Library!

On September 15th students Grades K to 8, will have the opportunity to win a FREE CHILD’S MEAL provided by one of three generous Franklin County restaurant owners:


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Teachers will set reading goals during the 2014-2015 school year.  Each student has the opportunity to earn three (3) meals from any one of these participating restaurants! Parents and caregivers are asked to encourage their children to read!   We are all excited about literacy and are so appreciative to these community-minded individuals who provided these reading rewards.  This is a pilot program and it will run until May 15, 2015.  This program is also available to home-school families.  Please stop by either the Eastpoint Branch or the Carrabelle Branch to pick up your information.

Backyard Bee-Keeping Workshop, Published August 22, 2014 

You won’t want to miss the upcoming Bee-keeping workshop that will be happening at both branches of Franklin County Public Library! UF/IFAS Franklin County Extension Director, Erik Lovestrand will be presenting a slide presentation and discussion regarding small-scale beekeeping.  Various bee-keeping equipment will be on-hand for demonstration.  He is a fascinating speaker and presenter, and will be offering a wealth of information to anyone interested in bee-keeping.  This will be free to participants and there might even be a “sweet” door-prize for participants.

At the Carrabelle Branch it will be Tuesday, September 16th at 1:00 pm and Tuesday, September 23rd at 1:00 pm at the Eastpoint Branch! 

We will “bee” looking to see you there!

Musical Group Melodime coming back! Published August 22, 2014 

Musical group “Melodime” was so impressed with the group from the Franklin County Youth Program TIGERS (Teens In Gear Enjoy Realize Succeed) & the PAWS (Positive & Winning Students) they asked to come back!  This talented group of entertainers, who perform all around the world, really like Franklin County Public Library.  They will be working on a fund-raising event that will take place on the weekend of September 26th & 27th, ROCK BY THE TEE! Their visit is to re-visit the talented teens in our area.

They will be performing at the Eastpoint Branch on Friday, September 26th, 2014 at 3:30, but please come early, we have refreshments before the mini-concert.  Anyone interested in a career in music, will have the opportunity to speak with these musicians who are eager to answer questions and offer advice to young musicians! They will be a gift to your ears!

Mommy & Me Story Time moving to the afternoon in Carrabelle, Published August 22, 2014 

Library Assistant, Maureen Downey has a dynamite program ready for the “Mommy & Me Storytime” groups at both branches of Franklin County Public Library.  These programs are designed for children ages 2 to 7, but we would be happy if an older sibling wanted to check out the program too! Every week, Ms. Maureen will read stories, play her guitar, play a game, and work with the children and parents on a themed craft! There is even a snack for the eager participants! This is also a great opportunity for parents and caregivers to meet other parents and lasting library friendships.

At the Eastpoint Branch Mommy & Me is every Friday, at 3:30 pm and now in Carrabelle on Wednesdays, at 4:00 pm! We are excited to see some new faces come to this wonderful program! Remember, there is no cost to participants.

Book Chat in Eastpoint & Book Social in Carrabelle, Published August 22, 2014 
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So you say that you really like to hear what other people are reading?  Look no further than your local library! We would love for you to join one of our groups that discuss their latest reads, favorite authors, and future reading lists.  What a great opportunity to explore a new genre! Many of the library patrons enjoy reading through an author’s complete list of books, while others enjoy diversity.  There are so many too explore and it seems like not enough time.

Why don’t you consider coming to Eastpoint on the first Tuesday of every month at 1:30 and join this lively group of readers.  If you live in Carrabelle, we also have  a Book Social which meets the second Thursday of every month at 5:30.

Library Trivia is Here!, Published August 22, 2014 

Welcome to Week 2 of our FCPL Trivia game. Here is a clue… The answers at both the library branches are women.

If you are good at “Wheel of Fortune” puzzles, we have a game for you at Franklin County Public Library.  Right behind the circulation desk at both Eastpoint and Carrabelle, there will be a question and a clue.  If you think you know the answer, write it down, add your name and phone number, and you could win!

One lucky person with the correct answer will win a $10 Gift Card.  There will be new questions placed up on Saturdays beginning, August 23rd, 2014.


Carrabelle Bingo Winners!, Published August 7, 2014 

Congratulations to all of our Carrabelle Summer Reading Bingo Winners!

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Eastpoint Bingo Winners!, Published August 7, 2014 

Congratulations to all of our Eastpoint Summer Reading Bingo Winners!

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May contain: clothing, apparel, person, human, and indoors
May contain: person, human, and female
May contain: person and human
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Summer Reading for Tweens!, Published July 7, 2014 

Ready to get gross in the library? Catch a criminal? Make a change? We’ve got you covered! The Franklin County Public Library will be offering summer reading programs at both locations throughout the summer for kids ages 8-12. For more information about the summer reading program, please click here.

The Tween Programs will be:
Going Viral – Germs, Germs, Everywhere!
R U Curious? Play with your food!
Forensic Science
Pay it Forward – Spark a Change!
Self Defense – Fight Back!

Literary Elements at your Library!, Published July 7, 2014 

Summer reading isn’t just for kids! Here at the Franklin County Public Library, we’ve got events for patrons of all ages! For more information about our adult programs, please click here.

Our Adult Programs will be:
The Science of CSI Investigation
The Scientific Magic of Rain, Sun, and Dirt!
Recycling: What do they DO with all that stuff?

Spark a Reaction!, Published July 7, 2014 

Get ready to Spark a Reaction! with the Teen Summer Reading Program at the Franklin County Public library. Teens ages 13-17 can visit either library location each week for fun, science-themed programs. For more information about the summer reading program. 

The Teen events will be:
Artistic Expression: Express your artistic flair with Tie Dye!
Whodunit?: Forensic science
Fire It Up!: Create your own colorful rainbow candle
Germy: Study of how germs are spread
Fight Back!: Self Defense tactics taught by local police dept
Wrap It Up!: Duct tape art

And BINGO was his name-o!, Published July 7, 2014 

In addition to all the great weekly events we have planned this summer, we’re also offering the chance at winning FABULOUS prizes during Summer Reading Bingo! It’s simple and fun! There will be a separate bingo card and prizes for EACH of the following age groups: Kids (ages 2-7), Tweens (Ages 8-12), Teens (ages 13-17), and Adults (ages 18+). Kids, tween, and teens must cover ALL the spots on their cards. Adults, fill up five spots in a straight line.

A completed card will gain you an chance to win one of the followning PRIZES:
Kids: Ozark Trail 2 person 7 foot dome tent, Radio Flyer Wagon, OR Remote Control Truck
Tweens: 9″ RCA Tablet, $50 Amazon Gift Card, Polaroid Camera
Teens: 9″ RCA Tablet, $50 Amazon Gift Card, Polaroid Camera
Adults: 9″ RCA Tablet, $50 Amazon Gift Card, Deluxe Coleman Cooler

Pick up your Bingo card today at the front desk of either Franklin County Public Library branch, or click here to see them now!

FIZZ, BOOM, READ! Published July 7, 2014 

This summer, children ages 2-7 can enjoy wonderful, science-themed events and activities at both Franklin County Public Library locations! Kids will be able to hear stories, receive a snack, and create their OWN craft/experiment. For more information about the summer reading program, please click here.

The weekly themes for this summer will be:
Week #1: Plant Growth and Lady Bugs
Week #2: Light and Color
Week #3: Birds
Week #4: Solar System
Week #5: Rocket Ships