And BINGO was his name-o!

In addition to all the great weekly events we have planned this summer, we’re also offering the chance at winning FABULOUS prizes during Summer Reading Bingo! It’s simple and fun! There will be a separate bingo card and prizes for EACH of the following age groups: Kids (ages 2-7), Tweens (Ages 8-12), Teens (ages 13-17), and Adults (ages 18+). Kids, tween, and teens must cover ALL the spots on their cards. Adults, fill up five spots in a straight line.

A completed card will gain you an chance to win one of the followning PRIZES:
Kids: Ozark Trail 2 person 7 foot dome tent, Radio Flyer Wagon, OR Remote Control Truck
Tweens: 9″ RCA Tablet, $50 Amazon Gift Card, Polaroid Camera
Teens: 9″ RCA Tablet, $50 Amazon Gift Card, Polaroid Camera
Adults: 9″ RCA Tablet, $50 Amazon Gift Card, Deluxe Coleman Cooler

Pick up your Bingo card today at the front desk of either Franklin County Public Library branch, or click here to see them now!